Papyrus roll 180x30cm cut, scroll made of blank papyrus

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Hand maid papyrus from Egypt directly from the Nile Delta. The Papyrus leaves are traditionally made.

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Papyrus roll writing scroll 

A text written on a papyrus scroll is a book for eternity?

One of the most famous doctors of antiquity, his name was Galenos, reported that he read over 300 year old book scrolls which were intact and made of papyrus, and modern archeological methods of dating do confirm this.

  • handmade Papyrus for impressive documents
  • Dimensions: 180 x 30 cm
  • Material: the papyrus plant stem mark
  • Production: handmade from Egypt
  • long assembled papyrus pages for texts or drawings

To write like the old Romans

The antique book scroll made its way from Egypt to Greece and then to Europe. The ?Book? made of papyrus came as scrolls on to the roman market usually consisting of twenty Papyrus pages (kollemata). People preferred to write on the inside of the scroll (recto) where the fiber bearing of the papyrus was level and therefore it was easier to write on with the writing tube (calamus) or the quill (penna scriptoria).

Only the first pages of a book scroll (left) had fiber that proceeded vertical. This page, the ?protokollon?, not only stayed blank but it was also used as a protective cover for the scroll. 
It was always written in parallel columns, which had different width. Scientific and philosophically scripts were always written in wide columns and speeches were written in narrow columns.

Antique authors even wrote over the sticky papyrus paper edges. In the roman times most paragraphs had dots in between individual words this was done to be more legible for readers. Ultimately the book scroll was supplied with a book naval made of real parchment. That is where the name of the author or book title was engraved on so it was easier to find it.

An almost endless scroll of papyrus


That's a scroll! Papyrus almost without end... nearly two meters long, nothing uncommon in antiquity (note that we know of papyri scrolls of over 7m length in Qumran).

Egyptian handmade 

The Papyrus scroll is made by hand of many small papyri strips! The individual strips of papyrus role are laid carefully one over the other, so that we reach a total of 180 centimeters in length.

Experienced craftsmen

This giant Papyrus scroll is difficult to produce and requires a lot of experience in the production knowing how Papyrus reacts and which way the small strips should be placed in order to produce a smooth surface.

What you can do with the Papyrus scroll

Use the scroll as a very special gift, for a special anniversary (you can write the story of your relation, you can add photographs ...), or for a birthday celebration, or simply paint it, you can any standard or antique colours (which you can also find in our store)!

And you can place the Papyrus into a frame to make it even more attractive and something standing out.

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