Ancient Original Replicas

Antique finds are brought to life again!

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Original replica

Antique finds are brought to life again!

In this section you will find original replicas of Roman finds. As a rule we get the possibility of a copy of the original from museums and collectors. We would like to emphasize that these pieces are copies, even if they look deceptively genuine by their craftmanship. The special thing about these finds is that they are really unique pieces and thus always an absolute unique. Already by the patination and of course the elaborate production in the lost wax process there are no two equal pieces. We are trying to keep the casts exactly as they are. The surfaces are slightly smoky due to the thousands of years of storage in the ground and there are also small flaws, as with the original. This is exactly how the Roman replicas has to be. With the authentic patina, replicas are an absolute must for collectors, museum, educators and history teachers. Thus, adults and young people can hold a Roman replica of past times in their hands, which can be seen only behind the showcases of the museums. It is a great experience when you can hold "real" history in your hands. Our motto is therefore: "Experience and understand history!"

We wish you many exciting moments with your original replica.

Your Roman Shop Team