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Students can create their own papyrus roll. With our set of 5 papyri, you can quickly bring the five sheets into one roll. After drying the roll, the students can decorate the Papyrus sheets or write on them. Your class will feel like sitting in an ancient scriptorium where papyrus rolls were hand made and manuscript copied.

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Teaching materials Rome | Bookmark making

You can order papyrus sheets individually or as a class set, the same is possible for our bookmarks. Let the students decorate them, paint and cover with dried flower, with grass, or embellish with Latin script. There are no limits for your creativity. Then, the students can cover their bookmark with a thin foil, so that their beautiful and unique pieces will last for longer. Their own art works will accompany their RE, philosophy, history or language lessens, when the bookmarks are kept with the school books. Even jewelry with ribbons or leather cords can make a beautiful bookmark. Naturally, such bookmarks can be great gifts for friends and parents.

Teaching materials Rome | tinker roman games

Or students can create their real Roman wax tablet, just as teachers and pupils used them in Roman schools. The creative sets on these pages of the Roman Shop includes everything you need to make these wax tablets: in a set you will get three wooden tablets from real beech wood, then the necessary beech wood strips for the frame, the right amount of glue to glue the strips together, real beeswax to melt and fill the board with and wooden pens to write and carve in the wax. All those who have used this kit in their lessons have come back excited and ordered the same sets for the coming year. And all sets are accompanied by easy instructions that guarantee your success.

Teaching materials Rom | Make wax tablets themselves

Or let the students with put together and learn to play the real Roman circular mill game, just as children did in the ancient world. The Roman children's game is still fun today and introduces the students in understanding the everyday life of their Roman companions. In ancient times, the round mill game was an integral part of the daily pass time. Again, our set does not only include all necessary parts, it also includes on the instruction the rules of the game.