Helmet Romolus golden, 30x20cm, roman legionary helmet

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Completely assembled Roman helmet made of gold / gold-coloured cardboard.

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This toy does not provide protection

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30,00 × 20,00 × 20,00 cm

Roman helmet for Legionnaires

With this Roman helmet you can combine history and play to awaken interest in Roman antiquity.

Legionnaires helmet for kids

This Roman brass coloured cardboard helmet constitutes an outstanding illustrative object for your little legionaries and antiquarians. The cardboard helmet is modeled on the most famous type of helmet of the Roman legions, the so-called Weisenau helmet. Helmets with long neck guard have been used in the infantry, and thus the majority of Roman combat troops. The Roman helmet made from solid cardboard is delivered fully assembled.

  • External dimensions about 30x20 cm
  • inside diameter 19 cm

Roman helmet for tough legionaries

The brass coloured helmet is a reminiscent to the helmets of the centurions in the popular Asterix universe. Moreover, thanks to the riveted cardboard parts, this Roman cardboard helmet is very resistant and well equipped for tough use by every young legionnaire. The flexible cheek flaps of the Roman helmet preserve even against the meanest foam missiles. The long neck guards save the little legionnaires from all sorts of dangers that lurk in the forests of Germania or the domestic front yard.

Weisenau helmet

The helmet is named after the first site of the find and it represents more than any other object the basis of Roman military tradition. Most popular descriptions show legionnaires with this extremely famous Roman helmet. The Weisenau helmet was the inspiration for this cardboard reproduction for children and it reminds of the legionnaires of Rome and their ancillary troops.

Tips for Roman helmet

It is recommended that you make the Legionaries-to-be aware, not to use the helmet under humid climatic conditions. Just like the real model. The legionaries who were based along the Limes had to prevent their helmets from the moisture or to maintain it regularly in order to protect it from permanent damage. If the Roman helmet is too big for your junior-legionnaire, you can arrange it to fit with a woolen cap or something similar. Since the cardboard helmet is not leather padded, this method with the cap is certainly recommended. The helmet is delivered completely assembled and your children will be thrilled and burning for action!

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