Gladiator net for children, gladiator equipment

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It's extremely tearproof, black and bordered by an extra strength cord. With this you enjoy a strong durability what makes it hard for children to ruin during play.

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Not suitable for children under 6 years. Use under the supervision of an adults

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Gladiator's cast net - ?Rete?

The Roman-shop is the premium address for products which let revive and explore antiquity, in the first place of course offers everything which is connected with Rome and its history of expansion and domination, next to other sub-periods within antiquity. In this context you find a great selection of garments and crafted weapons of Roman heritage in our shop. It provides you with all you need for dressing up for carnival or a motto-party, for re-enactment or history films, or simply for a theme decoration of your home.

It makes no difference if you are looking for items for children or adults - our shop has the full range of products for all ages. Moreover, our products are fabricated in a high quality manner and can stand the visual test of experts. Especially re-enactments of historical events lately became a major public interest for which you can perfectly qualify when wearing accessories and authentic clothes in the Roman style which you found here.

  • Gladiator's cast net size is 100 x 100 centimeters
  • Bordering cord is reinforced
  • black plastic rope included

A favorite utensil in combat - the cast net of the gladiators

In contrast to the soldiers of the Roman empire, known as legionnaires, the gladiators were fighters who served only for public entertainment in arenas and coliseums located in most provinces and in the largest theater of that kind in Rome itself. The fighting could be staged man against man or against wild animals of some dangerious character, such as lions or bears.

Those gladiators who became recognized for being especially brave and durable turned out to be the stars of the audience, making them not only free if they happened to be slaves, but also rich by the prizes they got. Both population and aristocrats enjoyed this form of entertainment and you see how popular the games were when you learn that there were academies for training high-quality gladiators and entrepreneurs arranging their careers. Following weapons were in use in the arena:

  • dagger
  • cast net
  • sword
  • shield
  • trident

How did a gladiator use the cast net?

The gladiator's cast net was used in arena combat for entrapping the opponent or depriving him of his orientation by casting the net over him, which depended a great deal upon the right moment realized by the 'retiarius' (as this type of gladiator was called). Either the opponent was hindered by the net and could be pierced by the trident (the other weapon in the hands of a retiarius) while busy with getting rid of the net, or was entirely trapped under the net which could be tightened and delivered the opponent to the mercy of the retiarius.

Why the gladiator cast net is indispensable

The cast net for the role play as a retiarius gladiator features a reinforced edging cord which makes the product extremely durable and withstanding - especially for the wild play of kids. Furthermore it is lightweight and flexible and bears only minimal risk for the players, making it suitable for children. Width is 100 x 100 centimeters and with a little exercise can be tossed right on the spot desired.

You won't like to miss this great toy in the wardrobe of hopeful little gladiators - so get your item for an imminent start of the glorious career of your champion in the arena.

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