Antique dolls & animals

Children in antiquity loved dolls and animals, with whom they could give life to their fantasy stories. In particular dolls and animals, which were mobile, which could be brought to life, had the children gladly already - and probably in all times up to today.

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Antique dolls & animals

Because that has been preserved. That is why, on these pages of the Romansh, under the category Roman dolls, there is a limb of clay with movable joints which can be used to move and undress children with whom they can pursue their imagination stories with which they can speak and which they can use in all positions in the Life - whether asleep or in a baby carriages.

In ancient Greece, for example, dolls were called kore or nymphe. The antique dolls for children were made of wood, clay, plaster, ivory, marble, alabaster, leather or even fabric. This came entirely from the parents' purse. Since the classical period there have also been dolls with movable limbs, puppets with or without throne, to dolls, the limbs only in the beginning possessed and which presumably as make-up dolls little girls joy. These are also available as cardboard dolls for children in Römershop to cut out and design!

But even the very young children in Roman antiquity already liked horses or rattles with which they played. On these pages of the Romershops, children's toys are made according to the ancient model with loving details. A small horse with a rider of clay is there for the little ones to go behind. This pretty toy is inspired by an original from the 2nd century AD. Or a lion, bird or even a proud Roman cock, which is made of ceramics and about nine centimeters high. In the case of the Romans, the animal was considered a symbol for the housekeepers ...

About 26 centimeters high there is also a horse for children from wood, but without riders, but very nice to look, also to pull behind and also correspondingly very sturdy! Look for yourself with which toys from the ancient world you want to inspire your favorite. The toys are not only for the little ones a true joy, but also for adults as a nice souvenir.

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here is much to discover in the world of ancient Roman children's toys!