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So many Roman festivals and events are now also available. And what a great surprise when the offspring come to the festival in a real Roman tunic or feel like a Roman in the clothing of the Roman traditional clothes

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Clothes for children

Discover the world of Roman tunics on these pages of the Roman Shop under the category Roman Games.

The Roman tunic was sewn from very fine woolen or linen, and consisted of two joined rectangles. Men wore the tunic with a belt about knielang, women to the floor. The tunic was often worn twice, a slight variant for the underwear, a tighter fabric on top. Both could be embellished with borders, embroidery or interwoven patterns. Roman citizens wore the toga on the tunic, and matons a stole. Against cold or for fashionable reasons, Romans wore several tunics on top of each other.

Soldiers wore white tunics, chiefs red. The triumphators, however, wore purpurtunics on whose fringed palm trees were embroidered in gold (tunica palmata). The unicorn tunic (tunica recta) was given to the young men at the same time as the toga virilis and women, when they married, as a wedding dress from their parents. This wedding dress was to be woven according to old custom from the bride herself-but this custom was rarely exercised towards the end of the republic.
You can buy not only the tunics on these pages of the Roman shop, but also learn how to make a Roman tunic by yourself: you need 100% linen for the tunics and 100% cotton wool for the Obertunika.

Then go to work! Cut and cut the neckline, close the shoulders and tighten with a belt to fit the sleeves. But see for yourself. This is a lot of fun and is not difficult ... Let yourself be inspired by the clothing world of the Romans to create your very own Roman look! And if you sew a tunic with your child, you and the new generation will certainly be very proud of it. A real and very practical alternative is also the self-formation of the Untertunika and the purchase of the Obertunika on these sides of the Römershops. So you have both: fun at design and a professional-looking tunic according to the Roman model.

Children's tunic of the Romans - made in Germany - explore now!