Burn Incense

Here you will find a large selection of incense fragrances, tabs and incense supplies such as copper bowls.

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Burn Incense

You can find wicks and cord, copper bowls, fragrant incense and much more at the Roman Shop under the category commodities and utilities. For example, an elegant incense bowl made of solid copper. The incense bowl is so robust and thick-walled that it can safely be used with charcoal tablets in order to burn resin incense or flower fragrances, to spread a pleasant smell in the room. Let yourself be enchanted by the world of incense fragrances! You can also find incense tabs made from real charcoal on the pages of the Roman shop. These charcoal tabs can easily be lit with a lighter and have a practical dent in the middle for the incense.

Myrrh: A biblical incense

The Egyptians used myrrh to embalm dead bodies, but it has also been used as a remedy for over 3,000 years. The three holy kings brought aside from gold and incense also myrrh as a gift for the Jesus-child - which emphasizes its great value! Since myrrh has a warm, slightly spicy-sweet scent, which characterizes it as a fragrance, myrrh was also commonly used for the production of perfumes. "Myrrh" derives from the Arabic word "Murr" ("very bitter") and belongs the family of the Burseraceae. Myrrh is the resin of the myrrh tree, which can grow over three meters tall and native to Africa and Arabia. Myrrh discharges when the bark is damaged and solidifies. This plant needs small amounts of water and a lot of sunlight. The essential oils contained in the myrrh have a disinfecting effect and can, for example, be effective as an anti-inflammatory agent for tooth or gum pain. For this purpose a tincture is made from myrrh, in order to rinse out the mouth (with lukewarm water). But be careful, because the resin stimulates appetite at the same time! Incense Myrrh develops a warm, mild and spicy scent, but at the same time it also refreshes and cleans the surrounding air.

Incense for the gods: Styrax

You can also find Styrax (Storax) for incense burning on the pages of the Roman Shop under the category commodities and utilities. Styrax is the resin of the bush-type Liquidambar. According to many ancient traditions this incense substance has already been sacrificed in Roman antiquity to the god Hekate as a ritual incense and was also used together with bay leaf as an oracle incense.

Take a journey to the Provence: burn incense with lavender blossoms!

There are also genuine Lavender blossoms on these pages of the Roman Shop. They are delivered to you in an organic paper bag from France. The lavender flowers are also suitable for incense burning and smell wonderfully fresh. Of course, you can also use them in the wardrobe or in the kitchen for their traditional function, so that they can unfold their moth-repelling effect. Let yourself be inspired by scents and incense fragrances offered on these pages of the Roman Shop, and create your very own special tastes according to ancient models - with the ancient stories behind them, with the traditions of the Romans and with the flair from times long past!