Bookmark tinker Egypt god Amun Re, 19x5cm papyrus print paper

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Extra thick (135g/m²) paper with realistically printed papyrus sheet. The motif is printed with a perceptibly raised contour, which makes it much easier to colour it. Create great bookmarks with the Römer Shop

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Bookmark tinker deity Anubis

A god you don't forget so easily is Anubis.

The Egyptian god with the sonorous name and the black jackal head is beautiful, proud and a little scary. He belongs to the gods of the dead. Mystery and fascination emanate from him, because he is one of the gods in the underworld, where he had to weigh and count the hearts of the deceased. Together with Thot he had the task to tell Osiris, the god of the underworld, about the way of life of the dead. If the heart was as light as the pen of the goddess Maat and the dead in life, he received permission from Osiris to continue living with the gods. But if the heart was heavier, the dead died a second death.

In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is one of the four children of the sun god Re and, together with Isis, reassembled and mummified Osiris's body, which had been dismembered by Seth.
Anubis worries about the ritual purification of the dead, mummifies, adorns and cloths them and protects the shrine in which they lie together with the canopic gods.

He is often depicted as a black dog on a shrine or as a human with a jackal head, the Anch (Egyptian cross) and the Was sceptre (staff with stylized animal head and wavy end).

  • Making bookmarks Anubis in school lessons
  • Bookmark size 19x5cm
  • Double-sided papyrus printing on thick paper (135g)

Bookmark craft motif Anubis The bookmark Anubis can be painted with all common colors. Ideally suited:

  • Watercolour
  • felt sticks
  • acrylic
  • ink
  • tempera

The latter have a very good covering property and were already used by Romans and Egyptians. So it is a nice thing to use this old technique, that makes the bookmark interesting and authentic.

A few tips at the end

If you put a protective cover (# 20736), a punched hole and a ribbon on the bookmark, it won't slide so easily into the book and the page will be easy to find.
A washable cover ensures that the Anubis bookmark is always well protected and won't be damaged, so you can enjoy it for a long time.

You can't get enough of making antique bookmarks, they are also great gifts!

Anubis attributes:

Jackal or a man with the head of a jackal

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