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In Roman antiquity, the Romans described growth signs to write down things or to write a message or a letter. With the so-called Stilus, Latin for Griffel, the Romans cracked in the wax of the plates. The pointed Roman writing instrument was usually made of very hard, sturdy material, such as of iron, bronze, ivory, but also of bones, and of wealthy Romans, certainly of silver or gold. You will find two wonderful, hand-made bones made of bone in the category Raw materials and useful items on these pages of the Roman shop. The two real prototypes, inspired by Roman antiquity, are carved from bone and ground. They have a very fine and smooth surface. The length of the bony grips on these sides of the Römerhops under the category of raw materials and useful items under the heading of bones, have a length of about 13 centimeters. They have either an angular or a narrow end and are extremely robust.

Bone boxes- lovingly reproduced

On these pages of the Roman Shop you will find a very nice box of bones which is also inspired by the Roman original. It is a bone box with sliding cover, which was made by hand. The box is made of bone plates according to an original foundry from France. The surfaces are artfully crafted and the bone box feels wonderfully flattering in the hand. Whether for jewelry or pens, hairpins or cufflinks, on the office table or on the dresser in the hallway for otherwise lying keys ... The finely grounded jewelery box is beautiful everywhere and is a real unicum! The boxes of this kind were also used in the antique as a storage box for small utensils or jewelery. The Roman bone box is thus an authentic antique decor utensil for precious objects - also as a gift for precious people!

Or a box of bone plates?

Also an antique eye-catcher and hand-smuggler is the small, bone-like canine with circular eyes! The hand-crafted box made of bone plates is delicately decorated with Roman circular eyelets and thus takes up the ornamentation of a fund from France. The surface is finely ground, the lid is made with a rotary closure. Bone sockets of this kind served the Romans in ancient times as a storage box for all sorts of small utensils - also this a real piece of jewelery and also as a pretty gift for valuable people very suitable.

The game cubes of the Romans were made of bone

Roll the ancient Roman cubes! Traditionally, the dice of the Romans were made of bone to play, one of their favorite occupations. A wonderful, authentic sound, when the little pieces of jewelry are killing over the table! Bone cubes, by the way, were widespread in Roman times and were even manipulated to help "happiness". Also these ancient Roman game cubes on these pages of the Roman shop under the category commodities and useful are handmade and a true replica of real Roman bone cubes - but of course they are not "trimmed" on luck! The game cubes consist of real bone and are hand-made in small work with circular eye relief. The cube eyes are milled in the workshop with a self-profiled circular eye drill, and each individual is a polished and polished one-of-a-kind and immediately ready for use in the ancient Roman dice game!