Augustus emperor primaporta bust head bronze

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This Augustus bust with impressively precise facial features is made of of hardened alabaster stucco.

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Busted head of the Roman emperor Augustus

Emperor Caesar Divi Filius - Emperor Augustus

Augustus * 23 September 63 BC as Gaius Octavius in Rome; ? 19 August 14 AD in Nola (near Naples).
Reign 27 BC to 14 AD.

Found in Rome

The head of the busts depicts the first Roman emperor 'Octavian', the sublime. Emperor Augustus is depicted in detail in this bust. Augustus of Primaporta is the name given to an armoured statue of the first Roman emperor Augustus that is just over two metres high. It was named after its place of discovery in Primaporta near Rome.

The Primaporta type was retained as the predominant style for portraits of Augustus and in slight variation until his death in the year 14. According to the propagandistic purpose of these statues, Augustus did not age in his images. Statues and portraits of this type have been found throughout the Roman Empire. Today the statue is in the Vatican Museums in Rome.

Emperor Augustus was the nephew of Gaius Julius Caesar and was appointed by him as his principal heir. Augustus emerged victorious from the power struggles after Caesar's death and was ultimately crowned the first Roman emperor.

  • Augustus primaporta Height: ca. 42cm
  • Busts weight: approx. 16.5 kg
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Ancient description: According to Sueton Augustus ... He had 'bright, shining eyes and liked it when his surroundings attributed him divine powers ...'.

This beautiful bust with impressively detailed facial features is made of hardened alabaster stucco and with its antique patina looks impressive and elegant on any desk or shelf.

The head of the Roman bust is made of finely ground alabaster gypsum. Alabaster is a high-quality natural material and not comparable with building plaster. Alabaster gypsum is very fine, dries out very hard and is therefore used in artistic and monument conservation areas.

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