Antique bookmarks

We have readily prepared bookmarks, but also raw material that you can use for creating your own individual bookmarks, all made from real Egyptian papyrus.

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For those who want to be creative

The bookmarks made by hand from real Egyptian papyrus can be painted and decorated. You can add spells, imaginative images and any kind of motif. Our ancient papyrus strips are smooth, genuine and unique. They are a really nice gift for anybody who loves reading. Even a ribbon or personal dedication can be attached by perforating the ancient material. There are hardly limits of one’s creative imagination. Why not apply decorative idea and simply cover the ancient Papyrus bookmark with straps, beads or other materials.

An individual gift!

Create a popular gift, a personal bookmark, perhaps with a photograph of your beloved, your children or other relatives, a reminder of your loved ones as part of your reading experience… even a simple, blank papyrus is a real eye-catcher. Papyrus is stylish in appearance and not only exceptional but also a warm, smooth material to write on. The structure of this ancient writing material has an unforgettable touch.

Teaching materials with guaranteed success

The use of ancient writing material in class rooms has proven to provide students and teachers with a valuable experience. One can create bookmarks, using old newspapers or favorite pictures from a magazine, dried flowers or plants can be applied to papyrus or just be creative... there are no limits! Certainly, our small fans of antiquity will surprise adults.