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Roman stylus - forged iron

Roman stylus - forged iron

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Roman Stylus forged of iron, stilus ferreus

The iron stylus 'Stilus' is handmade according to roman models. The roman stylus is an antique writing tool for carving into beeswax tablets. The pointed end serves for writing letters or numbers. The flattened end is an eraser tool to smooth out the carved writing.

The roman stylus was used as a writing tool till the 1960s to inscribe slate and wax tablets. The shape of the roman stylus was most of the time round or angular, it was made of iron, bronze, bone or sometimes of silver. The point of the stylus pressed into the wax-tablet to write. The other end, shaped like a scoop, helped to correct errors. By smoothing out the wax surface, the tablets could be reused for writing.

Some stylus look like busts of the goddess, Minerva, because in the Roman age she was considered the guardian goddess of teachers and writers.

What an unusual 'notepad' and a noble writing tool! 

  • stylus length 4,7 inch (12cm) 

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