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Qumran scroll jar

Qumran scroll jar

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The scrolls of Qumran - clay pot ink. A Payrus scroll - 190/30 cm

Qumran pottery once preserved the oldest biblical manuscripts. It will also offer your very own valuables a decorative protection: Each clay pot is a hand-twisted, earthen unique!  

The Scrolls from the Dead Sea, also called the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered from 1947 to 1956 in eleven caves near the ruins Khirbit Qumran in the Western Jordanian. They include about 15,000 fragments of about 850 scrolls of ancient Judaism, which were labeled by at least 500 different writers between 250 BC and 40 AD.

Among them are about 200 texts of the late Tanakh, the oldest known manuscripts of the Bible. The scrolls of Qumran were brought to safety against the Roman invaders and deposited in pottery and hid in caves to protect them. 

In other caves near the western shore of the Dead Sea antique Scrolls were found near Wadi Murabba'at (20 km south of Qumran) around 1952, starting from 1963 in Masada, the Nachal Chever, in Wadi Sdeir and Nahal Ze'elim (1960 ) and 2004 in Nachal Arugot.

Our clay pots are modeled exactly as the originals and turned exclusively by hand on a potter's wheel. Each piece is, as in antiquity, unique. 

The clay pots are impressive 33-35 cm high, the outside diameter is 14 to 15 cm: enough space for papyrus and scrolls! 

To ensure exclusivity, we only produce these vessels in small batches. A true delight for any archeology and Bible lovers!

As a GIFT, you will get a real Qumran scroll BLANCO with dimensions 190x30 cm    

  • Qumran vessel height 33-35 cm 
  • diameter of 14-15 cm 
  • unique by pure craftsmanship 
  • without decoration
  • date: 1 Century BC - 1st Century AD

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