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feather quill pen - goose feather - penna scriptoria

feather quill pen - goose feather - penna scriptoria

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The pen of the Romans is a ready- attached, genuine goose quill , with which you can make beautiful documents in the traditional way .

Penna scriptoria - Become a calligrapher !

From Antiquity to the Middle Ages real goose feathers were used for writing on papyrus and parchment. With the pen of the Romans can now also bring you noble curved letters on paper. The spring is prepared for you so that you can immediately begin to practice calligraphy. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of this historical method of writing.

Special charm for letters, documents and invitations

Once you have developed a feel for the pen of the Romans, so you can use them again and again , to be very special documents . Create for example, certificates for anniversaries or birthdays or give you the invitation cards for your wedding a touch of uniqueness. Vary the width of this peak to play with different effects . Here your creativity knows no limits.

  • real goose feather
  • Length: 25 to 30 cm
  • Suitability : Writing and calligraphy
  • repeatedly cut to size


For a more robust tip : Hardening in quartz sand

Would you like to give your pen of the Romans more stability, so you can cure in a heated quartz sand. Take this for example, bird sand. This you heat in an old pot until it is about lukewarm. Then plug the goose feather with the tip in the warm sand and let it harden for a few minutes in it.

Your new roman pen

Since Goose feathers are a natural product , the length of your pen of the Romans may vary a bit . In any case, the tip is ready for writing tailored so that you can start writing immediately after unpacking without hardening. If necessary, you can always cope cut the top in different widths.

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