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Quills Roman feather set 10 pcs.

Quills Roman feather set 10 pcs.

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Roman quill pens – penna scriptoria (10 pcs)

Write artistically with Geese scapes! This classic, roman quill cannot be missed in any scriptorium! Before the art of the letterpress began this was THE writing tool in the writing workshops all the way to the medieval times.

This real geese writing tool is light as a feather when you use it to write on papyrus paper or parchment it just glides over the material: A whole different writing experience and an optically impressive, calligraphic result! 

The tip has to be specifically cut as per enclosed instructions before it is ready for use. The writing feather tip can also be hardened with Quartz sand or Bird sand. Just heat the sand in a pot, put in feather tip and just after a few minutes the keel will be cured and you will have a durable writing tool. 

  • quill length: approx. 252c2m
  • 10 pcs set unfinished and natural
  • quills / cutting instructions

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