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Make up

Make-up in ancient times

The makeup ( mundus ) was widespread in the Roman women . And even men attacked to beautify the potties ! Cream jars , cosmetic jars , spatulas and even make-up case in the antiquities museums testify . Did not get the " cosmetics " of the physician Crito ( turning 1 / 2nd century AD). , A work in four books on beauty care , which at the time was very popular . And you marvel : The " make-up addiction " affected not only women but also men allegedly !
The basis of a powder makeup of white lead ( cerussa ) or chalk ( creta ), which mixed with honey or fatty substances was applied to the skin. Additionally they put Rouge ( fucus , obtained from the Lackmusflechte , or purpurissimum , purple color). Mica was used to give the complexion glow. This was obtained by grinding a gray-blue Eisenstein .
The blackening the lashes and brows done by tightening the help of a special make-up : fuligo . Eye shadow and eyeliner were plotted in green or blue . Some women also wore make her temples with a delicate blue. The make-up was completed sometimes even with a beauty patch ( splenium ) on cheek or forehead. The use of Lipstick is conceivable but not proven. Beauty pavement , however, also contributed demonstrably men. Before too aufgetragenem makeup was warned , however , Hereby we know old women ! The men were excluded from the morning toilet of the ladies , as they say in Ovid : " Only the exclusion of men may be produced beauty. "

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