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Roman lanterns, no kidding

Lantern, sun , moon and stars ...
There were no street lights in the cities , had the Romans , if they wanted to be on the road at night, carry a light source with it . The poor sometimes had only a candle here or relied on the brilliance of the moon. Normally, however, use was made of a torch or a lantern ( laterna / lanterna ) . Wealthy Romans settled the lantern even wear of a slave in front - the laternarius .
The waited while his master at the banquet was often out on the road and had to be careful that he did not the lantern was stolen when he fell asleep.
The lanterns were cylindrical -built frames , usually made ​​of bronze with a removable variant , animal bladders . Glass only came in late antiquity used. The light source in the lantern was either a candle or an oil lamp. Was driven lantern on a rigid handle or on a chain. On an Apulian vase is shown as a the " windowing " with a lantern aloft climbs the ladder to the chain !

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