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<strong> clothing </strong> of the Romans
<strong> clothing </strong> of the Romans
<strong> clothing </strong> of the Romans
<strong> clothing </strong> of the Romans

clothing of the Romans

 Roman clothing was similar to the bottom line of the Greek .

The tunic was the garment for all . This usually consisted of two rectangular woolen cloths , which were joined at the shoulders and hung down to the knees down . They were most commonly made ​​of undyed wool and therefore had the color of oatmeal . - The tunic was held together at the waist by a belt . Wealthy wore long tunics.
Men's most famous garment was the toga , which was worn over the tunic. All freeborn it was allowed by law to wear a toga. Mostly, however, contributed only men from the upper class - the " chosen people" - the toga as a sign of an official mission : magistrates and senators put on them when they did their State requirements . But the creation of such a toga - the substance has been put twice , and then artfully draped over the shoulders - was no accident ! Therefore, they were often replaced by a mantle ( pallium ), which , however, was again frowned upon in certain circles .
The garment that the toga eventually took its crown , that was the simple tunic , carrying both men and women : A simple , cut out two pieces and sewn together , usually white wool or linen shirt . They were worn day and night. If you wanted to make yourself comfortable at home, you undid the belt . In winter you wore up to four tunics over each other !
A special form of the Women's tunic was the stole : She was driven primarily by upper-class matrons and was distinguished by a purple trim at the bottom. Of course women wore under the tunic so something like underwear : a towel, and a chest bandage. Women from the general mass of the people were not allowed to wear stoles and probably had not even the money for such expensive clothes.
In imperial times the tunic replaced a coat that was for the men and the women called the pallium palla . The mantle inherited from the Greek was easy to throw over the shoulders and usually ankle length . The most popular color was purple.
Against bad weather , there was also a poncho ( paenula ) together with the hood, which was a funnel-shaped weather garment without sleeves made ​​of coarse wool. Affordable for ordinary people !
In a society like the Roman , in which the social position was placed on status symbols and exterior features to flaunt , the discrepancy between rich and poor about the clothes , especially the jacket manifested . This worked by pomp, opposition , attracting attention or emphasize unkempt appearance - just like today too!
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