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oak apple for roman ink

oak apple for roman ink

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Oak apple for roman ‘iron Gall ink’

  • 80g dried oak apples (100g=6,13 €)
Oak apples are outgrowths of only certain oak trees, they grow on leaves, branches and buds. The reason for those proliferations is when a Gall wasp plants eggs on those trees and that causes the natural texture to grow. A Gall is the protective cover of a growing wasp larva. These oak apples are needed to produce Iron-Gall-Ink which was known in the old roman times and of course later in the Medieval times as well.

How to produce Iron-Gall-Ink:

The grounded oak apples (80g) are boiled in 500ml water. 
Using old nails or screws and acetic acid creates the ferrous sulphate.
To bind all ingredients we will mix in acacia gum (20g)…DONE!
Mix the nails/ screws and the acetic acid in a can. Bubbles will appear to work on the ferrous/ iron, after 3-4 days the bubbles will decrease. Now you its best if you pour this substance into a coffee filter and now you will have the finished “ferrous sulphate”. This will be later mixed with the Oak apple suds and the acacia gum. 
This ink will be light in color at first but later darken due to oxidation. With the help of oxygen, real lasting and paint-like ink is created which will darken in color until almost completely black. Please only use this ink with a writing feather or a reed tube (calamus). Never use with a regular pen!

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