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Gladius roman military sword colored

Gladius roman military sword colored

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Gladius Roman legionary 

A real Roman sword made from solid beech timber in careful handwork! This elaborately made weapon is the standard weapon of the Roman infantry, the Gladius (plural Gladii). 

The Roman short sword was developed from the 3rd Century BC, from a Gladius Sword type of Celtiberian and the types Mainz, Hispanicus and Pompeii and produced up until the 3rd Century AD.

Gladius by archaeological model

This Gladius reconstruction made after Roman models is crafted from solid beech wood made, glued solid and oiled. The handle is turned, artfully. It was painted just like the original Gladius.   

  • Gladius Length: about 53 cm 
  • real beech wood 
  • painted like the original Gladius 
  • reinforced with a metal rod starting at the blade all the way to the handle 
  • Gladius is produced in Germany


The Gladius is made in Germany

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