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Papyrus sheet 790x390 inches

Papyrus sheet 790x390 inches

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Gigantic papyrus sheets XXL (2 x 1 meter)

This is probably the biggest papyrus sheet on the internet!

It is hard to believe that this handmade papyrus sheet measures two meters by one meter in length. A real challenge to produce!

Challenging size – each sheet is unique!

The papyrus sheet was set in one whole piece and was purely handmade. Due to the size of this papyrus page, it is a great challenge even for experienced papyrus maker because the single stripes are two meters long but only a few centimeters wide. The papyrus stripes (lat. cyperus papyrus = papyrus bush) have to be set really close to each other so there are no breaches emerge and the paper can be equal and smooth.
This extraordinary and awesome size of this papyrus sheet is directly imported from Egypt for FORUM TRAIANI and carefully packed and shipped to your home. The reedy papyrus bush is harvested in the Nile delta of Egypt and hand made by thousands of year old traditions. Each papyrus sheet is purely handmade. This costly production process demands a great skill and crafty fate.

Each papyrus sheet is unique – that means:  Buy now while supplies last! If you would like to see how a papyrus sheet is made please click here: Let this extraordinary writing material fascinate you! 

  • real papyrus sheet
  • Size approx. 200 x 100 centimeters = 2 square meters
  • each sheet is hand made
    Papyrus Info: Today, papyrus continues to be produced in small villages around the Nile delta. A lot of families who partake in the production of papyrus conveniently live right next to the papyrus fields. The long Cyprus grass bushes are harvested all year round and this raw material is processed with a lot of skills into papyrus paper. Each page is produced in a ten-step process which produce unique papyrus paper like no other. The Papyrus paper production process remains the same as it did ten thousand years ago. 

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