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Papyrus sheet antique 17x14inch

Papyrus sheet antique 17x14inch

Papyrus sheet antique 17x14inch

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Africa’s sun shows it all!

Thanks to the traditional production process this papyrus looks very antique!

The papyrus sheet is aged in a special process to get the same ancient look as the original papyrus.
Papyrus is still produced in the same old traditional handiwork as in the ancient times; page by page. The papyrus plant is harvested, cut in stripes and put together next to each other and then pressed.

This is how the water is released and smoothened. These papyrus stripes have also been laid in water in an airtight environment this is how the dark color is produced. The papyrus sheet is just as writable as the bright pages and has the same paper quality.

All papyrus sheets are still smoothened by the same old traditional production technique and dried under the North African sun.


  • Antique papyrus approx. 45x35 centimeters
  • hand made papyrus
  • papyrus sheets are a pure nature product of Egypt

    Use a writing feather and ink to write on this antique paper product. This will be a very special moment to be able to write on papyrus and have it last an eternity!
    This papyrus can also be used as special backgrounds for pictures in a picture frame.

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