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Teaching material

You are a teacher of Latin and history and want to revitalize your teaching ?

OK, then you are absolutely right!

History Lessons in school

Would you like to bring your students closer to antiquity or mediaeval times without making them yawn? Then why not give your students a hands-on experience of ancient times by making models of historical artefacts together in the classroom? Creating an antique parchment roll or a model of the Sphinx are little adventures for your students which will awaken their curiosity – without a great deal of effort and expense!

The romans-shop offers a wide range of products for school crafts. Creative work doesn't always have to be in an art class, it can also help to make History or Latin lessons more effective. Ideal material for a project week, in which handiwork can be combined with further activities. Even in a single lesson, it can already achieve satisfying results! 

Historical thematic areas for classes

Our products cover four themes: ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece, and the Middle Ages. Depending on the time available and individual requirements, you can choose from more challenging mosaic sets or simpler projects like bookmarks to be painted. We also offer ready-made products for immediate use, to complement home-made artefacts or to make teaching more effective even without any handiwork. 

School teaching materials

Introducing our products into the classroom is very simple: Our craft kits are completely self-contained, the material is easy to work with, and the instructions are precise but uncomplicated. For you as a teacher, this guarantees minimal additional effort, and your students immediate enthusiasm, which can readily be supplemented with concrete knowledge.

Our paper models are one of the most popular ranges. The models reproduce a huge number of well-known individual structures and types of buildings, but also include vessels and equipment. They are made out of colourful A4-format cut-out sheets which are easy to assemble. The big advantage: their detailed design makes them appear very authentic, which is particularly appealing to children.

Ancient paper models - "living" history

Let your students become architects and recreate an Egyptian temple or mediaeval Wartburg. Embark on a voyage of discovery with pharaohs' vessels or relive a battle equipped with legionnaire helmets. Some models, such as the Colosseum, have sections which can be removed to reveal further detail in the cross-section. Furthermore, some paper models require no adhesive, such as the Roman helmet. Handicraft couldn't be simpler!

In addition to paper models, our selection of craft products includes kits ranging from Roman mills through Greek scrolls to mediaeval wax tablets. The sets come in individual pieces and are assembled by the children themselves. A truly tactile learning experience! 

Writing in schools lessons

If you want to give your students more insight into historical writing, a wide range of material is available, including Roman parchment, Egyptian papyrus, or mediaeval wax tablets. To complement these, we supply various writing utensils such as styluses, nibs and quills. Our assortment even includes gum arabic, the mediaeval fixative for ink!

Creative learning

Our bookmark sets, which allow children to freely create their own designs, are ideal for creative teaching. The bookmarks are very robust and made by hand. They can be adorned with all manner of mottoes or pictures and can even be fitted with a ribbon. Boundless creativity! 

If you'd like to expand on your collection of home-made artefacts or just pep up lessons without having to make them yourself, you can fall back on our selection of ready-made products. These include, for example, Roman ruins or Egyptian bookmarks. 

Be creative with your students and let them relive ancient history and the Middle Ages in your classroom!