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Jupiter Roman God 12cm in bronze

Jupiter Roman God 12cm in bronze

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Jupiter a sign of power 

Bronze statuette Roman Jupiter 

A beautiful statue for the Powerful and Fearless: The Jupiter is noticeable on any shelf or desk as a bronze ornament. Jupiter (Latin rare Jupiter, genitive: Jove, nowadays often Jupiter) or Diēspiter, actually Jupiter Optimus Maximus (in inscriptions usually abbreviated to IOM), was the chief deity of the Romans. 

An own Roman canon of sagas, was little developed. But after the conquest of Greece and the resulting influence of Roman culture put the Romans Jupiter equal with the Greek Zeus. They passed on their characteristics and legends, as all the other major gods from the Greek mythology are almost congruent in their mythology.

Jupiter, a faithful husband?

Jupiter maintained in addition to his marriage with Juno to her wrath many other relationships with beautiful young girls and women that were talked about in the Greek and later to the Roman Gods legends, for example, with Europe, which he approached in the form of a magnificent bull, and carried her on his back across the sea to bring her to Crete. Callisto, a virgin of the entourage of Diana, and - Roman specialty – with Iuturna. He also loved the beautiful young man Ganymede, whom he robbed from the earth in the form of an eagle and presented as a gift to Mount Olympus. 

 The father of all Roman gods holds a thunderbolt in his hand in this bronze statuette duplicated of an original from the 2nd Century AD as a sign of his power. The muscular physique and mighty long hair supports the attributes that identify Jupiter as supreme deity in the pantheon.

  • Jupiter Height: 12cm
  • Original Jupiter in the Saalburg Museum / Hessen
  • 2.cent.. AD

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