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Augustus primaporta roman bust of the emperor

Augustus primaporta roman bust of the emperor

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Bust head of the Roman Emperor Augustus

Imperator Caesar Divi Filius - Emperor Augustus

Augustus * 23 September 63 BC as Gaius Octavius ​​in Rome ; † 19 August 14 AD in Nola ( near Naples ) .

Reign in 27 BC . to 14 AD

Found In Rome

The bust head represents the first Roman Emperor " Octavian " , the sublime, dar. Emperor Augustus is reproduced faithfully in this bust. When Augustus of Prima Porta is called a just over two meters high armor statue of the first Roman emperor Augustus . It was named after its location in Prima Porta , near Rome .

The Prima Porta type was maintained for Augustus - portraits at the prevailing style of presentation and easier variation until his death in 14 . According to the propaganda purpose of these statues Augustus has not aged in his images. Statues and portraits of this type were found in the territory of the whole Roman Empire. Today, the statue is in the Vatican Museum in Rome.

Caesar Augustus was the nephew of Gaius Julius Caesar and was used by him for his principal heir . Augustus was the winner of the power struggles after Caesar's death, and was ultimately crowned the first Roman emperor.

Ancient Description

According to Suetonius, Augustus had ... " Bright, shiny eyes and liked it when the ambient He therefore attributed divine powers ... "

This beautiful bust with impressively detailed facial features is made ​​of hardened Alabaster Plaster and interacts with its antique patina imposing and elegant on any desk or shelf.

The head of the Roman bust consists of finely ground gypsum alabaster . Alabaster is a high quality natural material and can not be compared with gypsum plaster . Alabaster is very fine, dries very hard and is dehalb used in artistic and denkmalpfelegerischen areas.

  • Augustus prima porta Height: about 42cm
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