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Roman statue bust of emperor Caracalla

Roman statue bust of emperor Caracalla

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Bust of Emperor Caracalla 
Bust of the Roman emperor Caracalla 
Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus. Caracalla (Caracallus actually would be more correct) was a nickname he received from 213 because of a long celtic hooded coat he liked to wear. 
* 4th April 188 in Lugdunum, now Lyons; † 8 April 217 
 in Mesopotamia Reign: 211-217 
Caracalla was the successor of his father, Septimius Severus, the founder of the Severan dynasty. He cared mainly about military matters, he had no talent and little interest for policy and administration. With the murder of his younger brother and co-regent Geta and a large massacre of his followers Caracalla created many enemies. Because of the brutality of his actions against any real or perceived opposition he was judged very negatively by contemporary historiography senatorial and subsequently and by posterity. Only recently historians have tried to seek a more balanced assessment of the princeps. 
The noble bust of the mighty Emperor on a black polished granite base is made of hardened marble dust and acts with its slight patina very elegant on any desk or shelf.   
  • Caracalla Height: about 14cm 
  • Available in black, polished granite plinth

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